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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Funny ole world

I thought I had deleted these blogs and then something jumps up and grabs your attention. I'm not sure I am back - just popping in.

Life has its way of dealing all sorts of hands. I don't want too speak too soon but it is the day before Valentines Day and I am on a nice crest of a wave. Feeling like I haven't felt for a long time which is more than welcome. Feeling desires and wants which have been obliterated for too long. It's a great feeling.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Talking Dirty

Do you remember the scene from A Fish Called Wanda when Jamie Lee Curtis is getting off with someone (was it John Cleese or Kevin CLine?) and she wants him to talk dirty. Her passion is for Italian so he says words from a typical Italian menu in a very sexy way. It does the trick.

I too find that some words can be so much hotter than explicit sexual references, though there is a place for them as well! I am talking about the warm-up stages that get the juices flowing.

My hubby could be a double glazing window salesman and running through the technical names of the plastics or various widgets and it does it for me. Anything technical and more than a few syllables. For example, PVC is poly vinyl chloride and when said slowly it rolls off the tongue and licks about you almost like a troupe of excessively handsome French men purring round and stroking my body.

Chemical terms are also good but DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) no longer does it for me. I reckon because it is in too much use and not such a mystery to me anymore. Yet poly vinyl chloride does not sound like the humble PVC. Try saying any of these slowly and seductively: Cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase, dehydrosphingosine, aspartic transcarbamolyase and see if it warms up your loins?

Maybe those are a bit hard to get your mouth round and maybe that is part of the skill. If you can get your mouth smoothly round them then what else can you get your mouth smoothly round? Oh, the possibilities are just delightful.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Silence is golden!

It's funny peculiar how we go through stages of wanting to talk and other times just keeping schtumm. That doesn't mean or indicate anything, just an observation.

I think I am warming up to talk again and just might.

There has been lots going on and everyone is well and happy.


Monday, July 04, 2005

My first film review!

Being a woman with intent I have now had the pleasure to review my first sex film. I think I struck lucky to go for this particular one and am more than delighted to share my thoughts on it. And probably would have anyway had I seen it.

As I know this isn't my last review I've decided to pop these on a blog of their own.

Angie's Reviews

Oh what fun ;-)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I wanna be a porn reviewer

It was our friend's 40th birthday. I was stuck considering what to get him as a little gift and then I thought of the pile of porn DVDs we have. It seemed awful to give what is in effect second hand DVDs but once watched they just aren't the same! Unless they are the good old familiars but there aren't any either of us are attached to and it has been simply ages since I watched any though I know hubby keeps up to date late at night on his own!

Hubby helped me pick out about 10 DVDs to look through. First of all, I tried watching them on my computer, with the sound down low, but the kids kept coming into the room. It was a Saturday after all.

So I took the lap-top up to my bedroom but again the sound was just not right as I didn't want the kids to hear the grunting and groaning that I felt must have been massively loud but probably wasn't really. In the end it took hubby to suggest using earphones! Doh! And so my career as a wanna-be porn reviewer began.

I wanted to choose a few DVDs that hit the spot for him but that might also appeal to his wife. I had award winning artisitic porn to choose from and I have to say it was so boring. I remember watching this particular artistic enterprise a few years ago with hubby and was not too impressed then and I still wasn't.

There is a genre of DVDs which are a bit like kids interactive games except that when you click on this or that you get different clips of films that pretty much get to the point. This would have been great if I liked all the clips but as some went into very diverse areas of interest it was just too much.

Ron Jeremy was up to his usual tricks and I find him quite repulsive. Nothing sexy there. The British Ben Dover had some amateurish but quite delightful numbers that particularly impressed me. We know that any story line in a porno is purely to set up the participants for sexual encounters and to get the deed done. We know! And to remove all story lines is tedious. A bit like a train being at full speed and not being able to get on - all you can do is watch it rush past in great speed and say oh well. And then they go the other way and have such contrived storylines it is so dull and boring. These storylines were still obviously contrived but they were fun and plausible and drew you in and turned you on.

So there I am one Saturday, life is rushing round, and I'm holed up in my bedroom plugged into porno on my laptop and me knickers round my knees and a rosy glow on my face. Yup, that DVD would do as one of the prezzies!

One of the funniest DVDs was Japanese. No English subtitles. An orchestra played naked. In one clip a guy teaches a kettle drum player to get the right rythym by having her blindfolded and tap out the beat on the kettle drum using his dick which had been pixellated out because of the Japanese censorship laws. Oh lordie that was so funny and so un-erotic. Well for me anyway. And I suppose that is the key really. What suits one may not suit the other.

It was so much fun choosing those DVDs that I wouldn't mind having to endure all that again - and writing proper reviews. It was some months ago so I know I wouldn't do it justice writing from memory but the next time I watch some ..... I know I have somewhere to write a review ;)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Teaching our boys

After my recent posts and the following comments I have realised that I have an 11 year old son with whom I have not talked with about the finer details of life. He is still a young sort but I am incredibly proud of him because of the way he is so self-assured whilst retaining a sensitivity and best of all he has a great attitude to girls. He can be a boy's boy and then easily be a best friend for girls and stands up for them when boys go "Ewwww, it's girls, yuck".

I remember when I talked over periods and stuff with my daughter it was not easy. She is nearly 16 now and we seemed to have coped. With my son being the carefree sort I am afraid that I have been coy over the years, especially when the sanitary towel adverts came on the TV. He'd asked "what's that for" and I'd say something along along the lines of it being a type of tissues. I fudged it quite frankly.

Although other things in our life are more rounded I really have hidden from broaching these things with him. But now something has happened to me. I think it is from just writing these few entries in my blog, by talking about it, by thinking things over more specifically and by discussing these issues more with hubby that I felt empowered. And so I did. We sat down for a over an hour and started working through "how a woman works" and then "how a man works". I have in mind to talk more about hygeine and relationships but there is only so much which he and I can take in one sitting.

But I have to say, it went really well. I was surprised how well we were both able to talk about these things. I knew he had done some stuff in school about male adolescence. He said he didn't remember doing anything about females.

We had time and no interruptions. We talked periods and hormones and even the shape of the female body using a combinations of my drawings and a biology book. We talked about feelings and nice stuff about the clitoris and the shape of the female organs and how, with the lips, it looks like a lily or a tropical flower. We talked about understanding and giving women space and privacy when wanted, and about PMT, comparing various women and girls my son knew.

We talked about the penis and how the pipes work cutting off urine when it is erect. I realised I didn't know what controlled the hormones in a man, in the way the pituatary gland did in a women and so we are going to look that up. We didn't get as far as talking about reproduction, or sensuality for men or for between men and women, and we'll come back to that another time. We did enough in one go and I was surprised neither of us were needing to rush off in embarrassment.

My son made it easy because he was interested and asked questions. Neither of us felt the need to smirk until he did when I got to talking about the various names of the scrotum. I was surprised about how easily I was able to talk about periods to my son. In a way, I think it was easier to talk to him about it than it was to talk about it with my daughter a couple of years before his age.

He doesn't look mentally scarred as a result and I can not believe how it good it all feels. I think it is partly about me realising that my son was ready to know and should know about these things. There is still more for us to discuss but it is a good start.

This afternoon I went with him to the Public Library to get some reading books. I thought I might take the opportunity to get some books on the body and found it interesting. There were two books on the shelf on reproduction. One had pictures that jump from a nice couple smiling at each other to the egg and sperm fertilizing. A huge number of unanswered questions. On the same shelf were four books on drug abuse. Very worthy and I do not wish to take away from them but it did bother me that kids could not see pictures of the human body in more detail and yet had graphic detail of a number of "shooting up" scenes including one of a woman with a hyperdermic up a bulging neck vein (or blood vesel).

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The games kids play

There is so much to spawn off from the previous posts...

When my daughter was 5 years old she and my friend's son of the same age used to rush off to the bathroom together whenever we visited and get up to mischief. Some items of clothing used to come off and on the whole I actually wasn't bothered. When my friend realised he was very concerned and put a stop to it which I thought was a pity as they were only young and just discovering.

I remember when I was about eleven and twelve and I used to enjoy all sorts of play with the local kids, especially the boys. Although we essentially stayed clothed there were a lot of thrills to be had when we were caught and "imprisoned" or our bodies brushed together as someone held you up against a wall.

Those were great feelings but I don't for one minute think it should have gone any further for me at that time because that was enough. (So let's be clear, I am talking about consensual play here and not anything abusive.)

I used to be dead scared any adults would find out, and worse still, a long lost cousin of mine who was also female, we used to play some interesting variations on doctor and nurses. Just the two of us and although I would dearly love to find her there is a small part of me that is vaguely embarrassed. (It wouldn't hold me back from finding her if I could, but it is still there.)

Thinking to some of the children I have worked with in a school enviroment there was a 4 year old boy who could get an impressive erection and seemed to have some idea of what to do with it. That was very disconcerting, and in any case, a school is not a great environment to experiment in and there were questions over his home life. We used to work hard to keep him occupied and out of the bathroom!

It's a difficult one. There are these urges that children have and whilst it is "hidden" we can turn a blind eye and if it isn't then we have to disapprove. No wonder we have such mixed messages about sexual feelings.